Modern Voice | Craig Klein

modern |ˈmädərn|
from Latin, modo, meaning just now

Just now. It's quite relevant in the world of voice overs. Not only does it mean, "Can you voice this now? Our client needs it yesterday!" It also means delivering the read that is up-to-date, relevant, unique. Modern.

Craig Klein brings his Modern Voice to your modern project. His award-winning work is fueled by over two decades in the booth, as well as having lived on the other side of the glass as a creative director. He's been in your chair and he gets it.

Just now, you say? Absolutely! Thanks to a professional home studio that includes ISDN, Source Connect and secure FTP client access for delivery when you need it. 24/7.

But, of course, it's really all about the read. Whether you desire serious, playful, authoritative, conversational, sensitive, friendly or gritty, Craig draws on his considerable experience at the mic while collaborating with you to give you a read that truly connects. The modern read. Just now.

And Craig's clients agree, calling him "a very welcome addition," "a consummate professional," "consistent," "the FedEx® of voice over talents," "a joy to work with," "persistent and creative," "indispensible," "fully engaged and committed," "one of our best assets," and "a genuinely nice guy."

For the right read anytime, it's Craig Klein. Modern Voice. Just now.